Do you want to watch the latest movies without visiting the cinema halls? If yes, then your wish has come true. Àmazòn còde has launched its new entertaining Tv that is prime video code, also known as Àmazò Instead of going to any cinema hall, you can watch the latest movies on Àmazò at home on your devices in your house.

Àmazò – Activation còde | Àmazòn cõde

There are various channels, movies, series, live shows, music available on Àmazòòde. So visit the Àmazòn link given in the heading and try it once. The Àmazòn cõde provides the best video quality of videos and movies so that you can get the cinema screen feeling by sitting at home. You can visit or apply for the free trial on Amazõn.cõm/cõde and then buy the plan if you like it. If you want to watch your favorite channels or shows, you can add the channels to your favorite list.

What is the process of Àmazòõde activation on your Tv?

The activation of Àmazòn prime cõde has various steps in it, and they are as follows;

To sign in or create a new Àmazòn account on Àmazòn prime code.

Purchase/buy Àmazòn prime video code plan or Subscription.

Activation of Àmazòòde application on your Tv.

Following is the explanation of the above points;

What are the steps to Sign-in or Create a new Àmazòn còde account?

Follow the steps below to sign in or create a new account on Àmazòn cõde;

Open the browser of any device.

Then visit the website Àmazò

Then select the website from the webpage.

After that, you will be on the Sign-in page of Àmazòn.

To sign in with your old account, enter your Email ID and password.

Below sign-in, you will see Create a new Àmazòn account option.

Click on that option to have a new account on Àmazòn.

Then detail page will open.

There enter your Name, Email Id, Password, etc.

Then click on the Continue option.

Then verify the account and receive a mail of account creation on Amazõn.cõm/cõde.

Process to buy/purchase an Amazõn.cõm/cõde còde plan or Subscription

One can buy/purchase the Subscription on Tv, Android application, or using the browser. Follow the process to know how to buy/purchase the plan or Subscription on Àmazòn còde;

Open the browser or application of prime video.

Then sign in or create a new account on Àmazòn

Then in the upper corner, you will see the Subscribe button in the blue color Tab.

Click on that option.

Then the next page will appear.

There you will see various plans that are yearly plans and monthly plans.

Read all the features of every plan.

And then click on the plan you want to buy.

Then select payment details.

And then make a payment.

That’s it; your subscription activation on prime video is booming.

What is the process to Activate Àmazòòde subscription on Tv application of Prime video?

One can connect as many devices to a single account of Àmazòn prime video at a time. So follow the process below to activate Àmazòn cõde subscription on Tv prime video application;

Turn on your Tv and open the prime video application.

If you don’t have an application, then download it from the play store of Android Tv.

Or connect any device that is Àmazòn firestick or Roku to get the prime video application.

Then open the prime video application.

There on the screen, you will see a six digits còde.

Keep the còde on the Tv screen as it is or notes down the còde.

On the other device, open the browser and visit the link Amazõn.cõm/cõde.

Then sign in with your subscribed account.

Then enter the activation còde.

And finally, click on Register or Activate option.

That’s it, and you are ready to use Àmazòn cõde còde on your Tv.